Artificial intelligence may one day empower cybercriminals, US officials say

US officials warn that advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies may one day make hacking, fraud and money laundering easier by reducing the technical expertise needed to carry out these crimes.

Dangerous artificial intelligence?

U.S. cybersecurity officials are warning of new challenges posed by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberattacks. Rob Joyce , director of cybersecurity for the National Security Agency (NSA), emphasized that AI enables even less experienced individuals to run sophisticated hacking operations. This increases both the effectiveness and the danger of those who use AI. At the same time, the NSA uses AI to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is registering an increase in the number of cyber attacks, which can be attributed to the reduction of technical barriers made possible by artificial intelligence. James Smith, assistant director of the FBI in New York, noted at a recent cybersecurity conference that AI is making these attacks easier for even the non-technical to carry out.

As the use of artificial intelligence tools increases, so do other risks such as financial crime. Damian Williams , the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, has pointed out that artificial intelligence allows people who do not speak English to create convincing fake news. Breon Peace , US Attorney in Brooklyn, emphasized that the risk of AI-generated ” deepfake ” images and videos poses a threat to banking systems. AI technologies can be misused to fool identity verification and money laundering prevention systems.

In response to these challenges, US authorities are trying to develop strategies and tools to combat the misuse of AI in cybercrime. This effort includes improving its own cyber defense mechanisms and developing methods to detect and neutralize threats associated with artificial intelligence.

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