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CoinToStake, your premier destination for cryptocurrency news and information. Explore a diverse spectrum of topics encompassing digital assets, blockchain technology, and crypto investments. Stay informed, stay ahead.

Cointostake was founded in 2019, during a tough bear market. Bitcoin was priced just over $3,000, the media had not yet heard of DeFi, and most players had no idea that games would start offering tokens. Artists and athletes were still unaware that they would release their collectibles, which would reside on blockchains as NFTs. We dove into this as a purely non-profit micro-project and had no idea if we would still be here a year later.

Initially, the website focused solely on Proof of Stake projects.

Over time, our content evolved. We tried a variety of serialized articles, most of which eventually ended, but at this moment, they represent valuable experiences. Our articles began to stand out for their brevity and emphasis on content because we understand how precious your time is.

If we can boast about something, it’s that over all these years of creation, we have remained true to our principles and standards. Our headlines genuinely correspond to the content of the articles themselves. Ask yourself if this is a rule with other creators.

We are still focused on crypto enthusiasts. Our website was created as a counterpoint to creators who turn cryptocurrencies into mere trading tools, overshadowing the ideas behind them.

Now it’s up to you, those who appreciate the CointoStake website. Help develop this project with your comments and allow us to continue and improve the work we do for the global crypto community every day.

On our website, you will find:

  • Crypto news – updates from the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency analyses
  • Price predictions
  • Guides on cryptocurrency exchanges and products
  • Educational content
  • And more.

Contact: info@cointostake.com

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