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Ethereum Price Forecast: Is the Halving Rally a Buy Signal for ETH?

Online analysts are engaged in a flurry of predictions regarding Ethereum’s price during the upcoming…

ByByadminApr 3, 20245 min read

Pre-Halving Bitcoin Correction Likely Over

With the Bitcoin halving just 23 days away, historical patterns have typically shown a price…

ByByadminMar 28, 20244 min read

Bitcoin’s Halving Effect: Ethereum’s Price Surge on the Horizon?

In just 32 days, the cryptocurrency world anticipates the next Bitcoin halving, a pivotal event…

ByByadminMar 18, 20243 min read

Bitcoin’s Unprecedented Surge: Analysts Forecast a $150,000 Peak in This Cycle

The price of Bitcoin recently soared past $73,000, continuing its frantic growth after a brief…

ByByadminMar 14, 20243 min read

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