How to get bitcoin for free, or what (not) to expect from bitcoin faucets?

Faucets, "free bitcoins" and their place on the market. Do you still remember the year 2010, when the first Bitcoin faucet saw the light of day? In the following years, there was literally a boom in these small websites offering rewards in the form of small cryptocurrency sums for browsing websites, performing trivial tasks or playing games. With the massive flourishing of stock exchanges and exchange offices, their golden era seemed to be slowly ending for a while. Just a cursory glance at the search results for "Bitcoin Faucets", or "Bitcoin for free" in our country, however, suggests that the opposite is true and the mania is far from over.

In connection with the promotion of cryptocurrencies in the classical markets, the media attention devoted to these pages has receded a bit in the background. In principle, traditional media monitor the movement on the stock exchange and the volumes of purchases and sales. Faucets and their portfolio make up such a negligible market share that they cannot influence currency movements in any way. The main goal of the following text is to approach the phenomenon of the search term "bitcoin free" and to describe the current situation in the field of crypto faucets. We will introduce you to five sites that currently maintain a very strong position. Newcomers, whose education we dedicate the first chapter to a general description of the principle of operation of faucets, do not have to worry either.

How does it work?

So what is the faucet and by what mechanisms is it controlled? In essence, it is a website or application that rewards visitors at regular intervals for performing various tasks. Among the most common are, for example, CAPTCHA solutions, gaming, betting and the like. The resulting reward is a tiny sum sum worth a few satoshi, and in order to gain it, you need to visit the page regularly and click where it is needed - hence the common name - clickers. Many sites increase their attractiveness with a variety of referral programs or club memberships. They offer users the opportunity to obtain additional funds by bringing acquaintances or friends, or by regular investments, which are then evaluated. Often there is also roulette, poker or HIGH / LOW betting, where the amount held can be multiplied or irretrievably lost.

Whereas in the past there were only bitcoin faucets, today with a little searching you will also find pages dedicated to altcoins, such as free clickcoin for Litecoin, Dogecoin and others. It's up to you which currency you prefer. Maybe you find all of the above too tempting and are you looking for a hook? Yes, faucets are far from flawless. For example, they are the target of hacker attacks that drain users' resources. Some more dubious sites try to smuggle a mining program into the visitor's computer and secretly use the power of the user's computer or mobile phone.

Although this is an interesting way to come up with a small amount of cryptocurrency, don't count on the faucets themselves being able to get rich and that you're really clicking on all the bitcoin for free. The amounts obtained are a pleasant diversion rather than a real income. As for the faucets themselves, their source of income is paid banners and advertisements ordered by advertisers. And visitors to the site receive a small portion of these payments. The goal of the faucet is therefore to keep you on the web for as long as possible, or to motivate you to click on individual ads and banners.

The best site for faucets and bitcoins for free

The cryptworld is well known for its turbulent nature and constant change. Projects that are at the top for one year may end up in the abyss of history the next. It is no different with faucets. During the nine years of their existence, literally hundreds of them have sprung up, some have successfully established themselves and still function today, others have experienced their few minutes of fame and fallen into the average, others have fallen victim to hackers, speculators or simply lack of interest from users.

Let's take a look at the five most important Bitcoin faucets today. By far the most important criteria in their selection were a good reputation in terms of payment of rewards, a guarantee of tradition and a variety of account expansion options.

The five best pages, to which we dedicate separate chapters, are:


Cointiply entered the market relatively late, in February 2018. However, even that did not prevent him from becoming the most popular faucet today. When registering, you must have your own Bitcoin address to which the funds you will receive will be sent. The site offers several ways in which precious satoshi can be obtained. The basis is a classic faucet, which distributes a predetermined number of coins every hour. Just click, enter Captcha and dial the number. If you manage to get within the given range, your reward may increase even more. Other options are third-party offers, which again offer the stated amount for completing the task. The thematic content is usually playing games, watching videos or filling out a short questionnaire.

We see a very popular pastime in watching videos, for which you can get relevant rewards again. However, users spend by far the most time in the so-called Cointiply Multiplier. This is a mini-game through which you can multiply or lose your profits. The principle is very similar to Minesweeper in Windows. You bet a certain amount and click on points on the map. When you hit, the reward multiplies. But the only mistake is to make her disappear irretrievably. Cointiply is considered the best faucet today. Not only does it spread its range of activities, but it surpasses practically all its rivals, especially with the reliability of its payments. The minimum withdrawal is set at 100,000 Coins.

The main attributes of the faucet are:

Rich variety of activities, reliable payment of remuneration, rewards for loyalty and the possibility of regular appreciation of coins on the account, active customer support


As the name of the site suggests, you should have fun winning valuable coins! The rich offer of games and activities, which you will find on the BitFun faucet, will certainly take care of that. The basis, of course, is to regularly choose a fixed amount of satoshi. The following is a range of fun activities, but also videos or bets.

We see the main disadvantage compared to other sites in relatively low rewards. At the border for selection, 50,000 satoshi, you are quite waiting. However, if you accept the site's philosophy and have fun playing, then in the end everything doesn't seem so bad.

The following is a summary of the most important features of the BitFun faucet:

Rich range of various activities, generous referral program, reliable payment, low rewards

One of the oldest and most generous sites on the market, (not to be confused with, still maintains high popularity and popularity among fans. The most important part, of course, is the classic clicker, during which you dial one of the numbers from 0 to 999,999. You will receive a reward depending on how close you are to the highest digit. Turning is always possible after entering the CAPTCHA code. You can invest the money you earn in your favorite HI / LO game, in which your goal is to guess whether a low or high number will fall. Unfortunately, the chances in this game are set slightly to your detriment. Another option is a lottery running every week. The main win in it is also the BTC units.

Payouts are made regularly every Sunday from the 0.0003 Bitcoin limit. Faucet has long enjoyed an excellent reputation and has successfully survived several major hacker attacks.

From registration on you can expect:

Simplecoin currency exchange, regular supply of a relatively high amount of satoshi, reliable payout, possibilities of additional earnings, another chance at the game

Moon Bitcoin

Are you a complete beginner and would you like to get a cryptocurrency without much effort? Then you will surely take the Moon Bitcoin faucet, its principle is quite simple. Just create an account on your Coinpot wallet and link it to the site. Every five seconds, a satoshi cat will jump to your account. If you decide to choose it, just click on the appropriate button, copy the code and the entire amount will be immediately credited to the Coinpot wallet. We see the advantage mainly in the fact that funds are credited even if you have just turned off your computer or you have not transferred them for several days. However, regular visits to the site and the transfer of coins are worthwhile, as the pace is constantly decreasing until the coins are almost not increasing. Thanks to the referral program, you are automatically entitled to 50% of the value of the earnings of the users you have brought.

The site does not offer anything else, nor does it unnecessarily distract you from anything else. It is suitable for beginners who have enough time and do not mind waiting for a better catfish for a few months. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also get Litecoins and Dogecoins in a similar way.

The key attributes of Moon Bitcoin are:

Absolutely easy to use, reliable payment, no unnecessary functions and applications, coin gain even without active action on the page, without intervention the power consumption slows down constantly


Among the proven and reliable faucets is also BonusBitcoin, operating since 2015. The principle is identical to the other pages of our overview. Every 15 minutes you get the opportunity to solve a CAPTCHA puzzle, for which you will receive a set amount of satoshi. As with most other faucets, you can save the obtained coins or try to multiply them in gambling. Bonus income is ensured by watching videos or filling out various surveys. You can choose from the limit of 10,000 satoshi for a fee, from 50,000 satoshi for free.

Many users consider this site a shining example of the Ponzi scheme. It is true that the initial profits are not very high and the faucet pays reasonable sums only if you manage to bring in several referrals. On the other hand, payments are reliable, and even the smallest link in the chain gets the obtained coins into your account.

Let's take a look at the most important features of BonusBitcoin together:

Reliable payment via virtual wallets, easy operation, several bonus elements, slow supply of currency only by tens of satoshi


Don't believe in getting rich quick and easy. Are you thinking of starting to "farm" faucets and get a decent fortune in a few months? Unfortunately, this plan is doomed to failure. The main task of this site is not to make millionaires out of its users easily and quickly. On the contrary, you have to keep coming back and get a high traffic faucet so that it can benefit from ads and traffic payments. Faucets are definitely not a means to get rich easily and bitcoin free is a bit of a marketing twig. They can be used for initial acquaintance with the cryptocurrency, killing free time or as a minor supply of resources. However, relying only on them is nonsense. In particular, we recommend that you carefully consider entering the offered "multipliers". Although at first glance it seems like a great idea for a quick and laborless increase in the amount in the account, unfortunately they resemble slot machines. First of all, they will think of you, and then a wave of losses will start, which will deprive you of all the won coins - in short, you need to finish on time.