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It is a decentralized platform created primarily for the online entertainment industry worldwide. It is based on blockchain technology and its official currency is TRONIX for short. TRON owners are free to publish, store and own TRON blockchain data. In the future, TRON would like to become a cryptocurrency, which is used, for example, by the Google Play Store and others. TRON began writing his History in the first half of 2014 in Beijing. The TRON currency was listed on the first of the stock exchanges only in 2017 after a number of injections from various investors. TRON officials make no secret of the fact that their currency wants to do a kind of healing of the Internet by liberating data. At the same time, they want to reward creators for their contributions to online content. At the same time, TRON would like to create an infrastructure that will function as a distributed exchange, for example within the gaming industry.


Tron (TRX) price for today $0.12


Market capitalization $10,486,123,282

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours 0.69 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 0.77 %


24-hour trading volume $200,873,550.35.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 0.06 %

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How to stake Tron?

1. Prepare your TRON coins (TRX) to stake. 2. Download and install a TrustWallet. Move your TRX to this wallet. 3. Locate the staking menu and stake your TRX. 4. Choose a validator (Super Representative) to vote. 5. Vote for the validator and confirm transaction.