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Shift is a cryptocurrency that uses the Proof-of-Stake-Delegated (DPoS) algorithm. The 101 democratically elected Delegates maintain a decentralized network. Blocks are created after 27 seconds. The Shift platform allows you to use dApp (decentralized applications, smart contracts) programmed in Javascript. Each program runs on a separate string and only occasionally synchronizes with the main Blockchain (so-called side chains). So there is no problem with scaling (throughput). Shift also offers decentralized file storage (IPFS - InterPlanetary File System) as well as decentralized websites (Jenga DNS Monitor) and hosting (including dynamic websites).


Shift (SHIFT) price for today $0.65


Market capitalization $9,679,780

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours 0.00 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 25.40 %


24-hour trading volume $207.32.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 2.12 %

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How to stake Shift?

Shift uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), which means that only selected delegates can stack. There are 101 of them and they are elected democratically. They then receive a reward for stacking (1.1 SHIFT per block, ie about 2880 coins per day). The remuneration may be retained by the delegate or distributed to his constituents. Most delegates distribute the rewards. You can choose another Delegate at any time. The election round lasts 45 minutes, then the votes are recalculated. You can run for a fee of 60 SHIFT. It is not about the number of voting participants, but it mainly depends on how many coins you have in your wallet. The more coins, the more weight your vote has. The advantage is that you receive a reward for holding coins without having to actively stack (unless you become a delegate). However, you need to vote, so you have to study a little what and how ... And you also have to check once in a while if your Delegate is still among the TOP 101.

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