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Cryptocurrency PinkCoin is set to revolutionize the process and the effectiveness of charitable status. The unique system behind PinkCoin is designed to spread and promote charity. Donors do not have to bear any costs or fees if they decide to do good. Only in this way can all the money be donated directly, without part of it being collected by organizations or banks. PinkCoin aims to help children with congenital heart disease as well as successful partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation or Black Girls Code and other organizations. The unique cryptocurrency PinkCoin Coin was inspired by the pursuit of humanity and offers a trustworthy and secure network. The unique system behind PinkCoin enables users to earn interest easily and without complications. It is possible to donate part of this earned interest without having to bear any further costs. PinkCoin own D4L blockchain pool system is based on a special side staking ability that allows donations to be recognized immediately and to the second on the blockchain. Donations can be sent directly to an awareness campaign, a non-profit partner or development institutions and tracked live. In this way everyone can be sure that the donated money will arrive at the right place. Donate4Life is divided into nine different and individual pool systems. Two subgroups separate charity, education, development, marketing and disaster pools from the rainforest and natural habitat conservation pools.


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POS return of investment montly 1.41 %

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How to stake Pinkcoin?

If you own PINK coins and leave your Staking wallet open, you will receive a free coin reward. This helps to keep the network up and running and also increases the decentralization of Pinkcoin network. Wallet needs to be synchronized, unlocked, connected to internet (and running 24/7).

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