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OKCash started as a mining POW currency, when 36,297,000 OKCash was initially mined (November 24 - December 9, 2014). Then he switched to POS. Every year, a certain percentage of coins is released and it decreases (69%, 20%, 10%, .... a total of 11 rounds of division - there are then multi-year cycles). Everything should be released around 2148. This is described in detail at https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,16.0.html. OKCash has a large base and people from more than 40 countries are collaborating on its development. The platform is decentralized and changes to the code must be approved by the majority of the community. The platform and the coin work reliably without any problems at all times and the advantage is also a great name of the coin, which is understandable in most languages. Blocks are created after 72 seconds, so transaction confirmation is relatively fast. Fees are minimal (0.0001 OKCash - in some wallets you can set a higher fee = even faster confirmation in the network). Transactions are considered valid after 10 confirmations in the network. OKCash also works for IoT (Internet of Things) - currently for Raspberry Pi and Pine64 devices.


Okcash (OK) price for today $0.005


Market capitalization $421,371

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours 1.88 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 5.58 %


24-hour trading volume $787.85.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 0.47 %

Okcash price graph (6 month)

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How to stake Okcash?

If you own coins and leave your Staking wallet open, you will receive a free coin reward. This helps to keep the network up and running and also increases the decentralization of OKCash. Thanks to the gradual easing of the currency, OKCash is one of the long-term sustainable platforms for Staking (LTSS - Long Term Sustainable Staking). The percentage of new coins is declining, but as there are more and more of them, it is still lucrative. In order for your coins to start earning, they must meet the so-called mature time, which is 8 hours (ie the coins must be stored at the given address for at least 8 hours) and you must have at least 69 confirmations from the network. The first rewards will arrive in about 24 hours (depending on the amount of your coins and the total weight in the network). A maximum of 1 coin can be stacked. I did not understand this restriction, because it is probably enough to send the coin to the stock exchange ("wash") and then back again? Staking does not burden your computer and does not increase electricity consumption. It's the same as running it normally. You can continue working on your computer. Therefore, this method (Proof of Stake) is very ecological compared to conventional cryptocurrency (PoW) mining.