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Neblio's goal is to create a blockchain platform for enterprise applications and services. There will be several services available, including an API. Neblio uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. Approximately 13 million NEBLs were distributed within the ICO. Then it already works as a PoS with 10% inflation per year (staking fee). Blocks are created after 120 seconds.


Neblio (NEBL) price for today $0.01


Market capitalization $196,242

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours 15.28 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 33.60 %


24-hour trading volume $26,120.61.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 2.80 %

Neblio price graph (6 month)

NEBL Staking calculator

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How to stake Neblio?

If you leave your Staking wallet open, you will receive a reward because you help maintain a decentralized network. In order to start earning, your coins must meet the so-called mature time, which is 24 hours. The longer you have an open wallet, the more weight your coins carry. The maximum time is 1 week, then the weight no longer increases and remains constant. Resp. once you get a reward, the weight resets and slowly increases again. Staking does not burden your computer, because nothing counts. All you need is a normal internet connection.

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