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Kardiachain (KAI) is the leading start-up for blockchain solutions in Vietnam. Their platform focuses on interoperability and the delivery of hybrid blockchain solutions / infrastructure for businesses and governments in Vietnam and other countries in South and East Asia. Its dual node technology enables cross-chain communication between any public and / or private blockchain, regardless of the protocol. This offers institutional customers easy-to-use solutions: the private chain enables efficiency and data protection, while the public chain helps to win customer trust through transparency. KAI tokens are the native token in the KardiaChain ecosystem. KAI is used for staking, paying transaction fees, deploying smart contracts, paying for cross-chain operations and all products / services on KardiaChain.


KardiaChain (KAI) price for today $0.003


Market capitalization $15,887,654

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours 0.21 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 8.50 %


24-hour trading volume $174,772.56.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 0.70 %

KardiaChain price graph (6 month)

KardiaChain Staking calculator

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KAI to stake :   0.00 KAI  ($0.00)

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How to stake KardiaChain ?

In order to stake Kardiachain. You need to swap erc20 Kai tokens to native KAI (https://swap.kardiachain.io/) . After you have some native KAI you can delegate it in the native KAI wallet to earn staking rewards.