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The Graph (GRT) is a decentralized and open source indexing protocol for blockchain data. Developers can build and publish various APIs called subgraphs and query the GraphQL. We'll explain later what a GraphQL is good for. The platform can be used to conveniently search for any Ethereum data through simple queries. This addresses the common problem that many other blockchain indexing platforms have. Blockchain applications have difficulty maintaining properties such as finality, chain reorganization, and security in the fulfillment of queries. The Graph aims to remedy this and other problems. The Graph uses "subgraphs" to index blockchain data that users can access via the GraphQL API. According to the team, they will fully decentralize it in the future. More nodes should be involved and made responsible for maintaining the index.


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How to stake The Graph?

Holders can acquire shares in the nodes that operate the entire platform and sell their services on the "query market", they have to stake their GRT. In return, they receive financial rewards. If the indexers are malicious and, for example, deliberately change data, this is punished dearly in the form of the removal of their pounded GRT tokens.