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Divi (DIVI) network consist of advanced masternode network (five layers). Holders are able to participate in a decentralized Divi network as full nodes. Divi's vision is to create safe, user-friendly, and accessible p2p network.


Divi (DIVI) price for today $0.043


Market capitalization $82,746,746

Price movement

Price movement in the last 24 hours -0.30 %

POS ROI (Yearly)

POS return of investment yearly 48.20 %


24-hour trading volume $606,019.84.

POS ROI (Monthly)

POS return of investment montly 4.02 %

Divi price graph (6 month)

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Divi Mining

The Divi Project is the inventor of advanced multilayer masternode program. Simply put, a masternode server is on a decentralized network. It does not work independently, but always communicates with other masternodes in the network. This allows for greater transaction privacy, allows network users to vote on important decisions, makes instant transactions, and more.